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Sick Puppy



Directed by:  CJ Williamson
Written by:  CJ Williamson
Produced by: Jessica L. Freeborn, CJ Williamson
Music by: Austin Wintory
Cinematographer: Dan Adlerstein
Editor: Vegard H. Sorby
Cast: Ward Roberts – Tim Lanton, Desiree Hall – Molly Vaysleb, David Goryl – Dennis Bland,
Larry Bates – Eddie Young

A disgruntled bank teller decides to take matters in his own hands when he is forced to postpone his vacation.

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Directed by:  CJ Williamson
Written by:  Michael K. Pomphrey
Produced by: Jessica L. Freeborn
Composer: Kenny Wood
Cinematographer: Dan Adlerstein
Editor: Vegard H. Sorby
Production Design: Justin P. Terry
Cast: Brighid Gleming – Jessica, Dan Nier –  Peter 2, Shawn Nier – Peter

A distraught father plans to end his life in the same place his daughter died when all hell breaks loose.

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Directed by:  CJ Williamson
Written by:  CJ Williamson
Produced by: Matt Dreiling, CJ Williamson
Music by: Daniel Rojas
Cinematographer: Matt Dreiling
Editor: Lyndall Kretschmar
Cast: Wayne Bradley – Will, Sophie Cook –  Joy

Will wakes up in a strange house, with nothing but the clothes on his back, a pair of muddy boots, and a mysterious phone number scrawled on a matchbook. Seeking answers to how he got there he tempts fate and calls the number. This sets in motion a bizarre chain of events where bodies inexplicably turn up in closets and trusted lovers suddenly turn into killers. Answers only lead to more questions. Who is the mysterious woman who haunts his dreams? Is she his salvation or the culmination of his deepest and darkest fears? Will sets out on a quest to find the true meaning of the word “Joy.”

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Directed by: CJ Williamson
Written by: CJ Williamson
Produced by: Michelle Breneman
Music by: Dan Woodard
Cinematographer: Matt Dreiling
Editor: Salomon Simhon
Cast: Ed Bailey – Volo, Anis Fanaeian – Vagabond Poet, Jay Ryan – Ridley (Jay Bunyan)

A cocky teen gets more than he bargained for when he is confronted by an Aboriginal man coming home after a long night.

Warra Warra on IMDb